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Well if keeping 100% of your referral wasn't enough to convince you, here is a video directly from our admin to sum up the best reasons to be a part of a phenomenal company - Century 21 The Real Estate Centre.

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What's Included


All for only $99 a year!



What is a referral Agent?

A Referral Agent is a licensed real estate agent whose services are limited to referring clients for the purposes of commencing a real estate transaction. They do not actively solicit or engage in the sale of property.

Do I need to be licensed?

Yes, you must be a fully licensed agent in good standing (current with C.E. requirements) to join and/or receive a referral fee. It is unlawful for any broker to employ or compensate, directly or indirectly, any person for performing licensed activity unless that person is a salesperson licensed (or associate broker) to the principal broker. A salesperson may not accept compensation for licensed activity nor pay compensation for licensed activity except through the broker under whom he/she is at the time licensed.

Do I qualify?

If you do not actively sell real estate but want to maintain an active license, we are perfect for you.

How does the process work?

Its simple. Just submit your referrals and we’ll connect you to our network of top-performing agents nationwide, based on the client’s unique needs and the skills & strengths of the agent, or chose your own agent. Up to 35% of a referral fee is given to you as the referring agent (we can only guarentee 35% if you choose to refer to a Century 21 TREC Agent and offer you a 100% commission). We manage the entire process and pay you a 100% of your referral commission when the deal closes for using one of our Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agents. If a non Centurty 21 The Real Estate Centre Agent is utilized we pay you 90% of the collected amount. A $295 transaction fee applies. View the contract and expectations here: General Duties and Contract (PDF)

Must I maintain my CE requirements?

Yes, 15 Continuing Education Credits's are required every 2 years. Our program offers them for free when you join us, through Elite Learning Academy classroom ($299 value).

What are my costs?

An annual fee of $99. No board fees, no mls fees, no E&O fees. No monthly fees at all! And you get to take your required CE classes for free through Elite Learning Academy's classroom.

As a referral agent, can I list a home or represent buyers?

No. ONLY refer their leads and earn referral commission fees. Listing homes and/or representing buyers is NOT permitted. If you ever want to become an active agent, no problem! Simply let us know and we’ll help you transfer your license. You can cancel your membership or transfer to another broker at any time.

What type of clients can I submit?

All Real Estate Transactions. Friends, family & people you know Past clients Your own transactions Co-workers Social media contacts Chance encounters Professional contacts Service provider contacts Raw leads (internet advertising) Corporate relocation Organizations, associations, groups

Can I send my referral to a specific agent?

Yes, any Agent in the World. However, we cannot guarentee 35% to any agent outside of Century 21 The Real Estate Centre's 6 offices. Agents outside of Century 21 The Real Estate Centre we will assist in negotiating the referral fee. A outside agent you refer with must use our referral forms. Use the referral form link on the resource page: Resource Page

On a $10,000 commission what would I make?

The commission of $10,000.00 times 35% (referral fee) equals $3,500.00 times 100% (your broker split) less $295.00 transaction fee gives you $3,205.00. If you choose to use an agent outside Century 21 The Real Estate Centre, the commission would be 90% of the collected amount, in this case lets say $3,500.00 times 90% (your broker split) less $295.00 transaction fee gives you $2,855.00.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

The Referral Coordinator: Gary Hoffer, 443-324-4033, garyhoffer@realtysells.com

What is my commission split?

100% of the 35% referral fee if you use a Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agent to do your referral. If you use another company your commission is 90% of the collected commission. Low $295 transaction fee.

What if I want to sell my own home?

If you use a Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agent you get 50% of the amount collected (referral fee) and 100% commission(way more then 35%) if referral agent is buying or selling their own home or are a flipper/investor, the $295.00 transaction fee still applies. If you use a non Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agent a 90% commission of the amount collected plus $295.00 transaction fee is the calculation.

Generating Leads

The primary duty of the real estate referral agent is to generate leads. Leads describe anyone who is a candidate for a real estate transaction. This could be someone looking to lease a property, purchase or sell a property. Real estate referral agents perform a variety of marketing campaigns to locate these leads, ranging from newspaper and radio advertisements, to Internet-based ads. Some referral agents will go for a high-churn strategy, where they produce as many leads as possible, without a high premium on quality.
The law of numbers means they will generate sales, but many real estate companies will decide that it is not worth taking the extra time to sort through the leads. Targeting your leads to those who are truly interested in, as well as capable of, completing a real estate transaction makes the process easier.

Matching Up Clients

Real Estate Referral Agents make money by matching those who are interested in a real estate transaction with those who are capable of completing a transaction. For example, a referral agent who has a client preparing to relocate to a certain city, state or country will match that client with an accredited real estate agent in that area. In our office contact the Relocation Coordinator with all your lead information. However, a good referral agent will go a step further and form a business relationship with the assigned real estate agent and helps ensure accurate commutations between all parties to help make the transaction happen. By using a Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agent you are gauranteed a 35% referral fee with 100% commission with a $295.00 transaction fee.

Following Up

The duties of a real estate referral agent technically stop when the referral has been made, but an effective referral agent won't stop there. Real estate referral agents who take the time to follow up with their clients are more likely to have repeat business and receive more word-of-mouth referrals.

Referral Agent Guidelines

Contact the Broker before joining the Referral Company (List his/her CURRENT address, email &phone number)
Have current license with no balances due to DLLR, County Boards and or past Brokers.
Have continuing Education Requirements current.
Contact the Relocation / Referral Coordinator with each referral, even if already assigned to another agent.
Use Company provided forms / referral forms.
Referral Agent will receive 35% Referral fee and100% of all generated commissions if using Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agents to refer to less $295 transaction fee. If non Century 21 The Real Estate Centre Agents are used only a 90% commission is paid on the amount collected less $295.00 transaction fee.


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